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Research Interests

  • Group Theory, finite simple sporadic groups
  • Mathematics Education, programming for mathematics
  • Computers in Education, applications of PCs in primary schools
  • GAELSOFT, Irish language software for primary schools, Curriculum Development Unit, M.I.C.

Selected Publications

  1. Gerard Enright, David O'Grady (eds.)

    ICT in Irish Primary Schools: Stories from the Classroom

  2. Gerard Enright

    On a Question posed by Graham Higman,
    Irish Math. Soc. Bulletin, 28 (1992).

  3. Gerard Enright

    Investigation of Triangular Squares,
    Newsletter of the Irish Mathematics Teachers Association, 79 (1992).

  4. Gerard Enright

    Computers in Primary Education,
    Irish Educational Studies, 7, No. 1 (1988).

  5. Áine Cregan, Gerard Enright

    Computer Aided Production of a School Newspaper,
    Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Conference of the Reading Association of Ireland (1987).

  6. Gerard Enright

    A Description of the Fischer Group F22,
    Journal of Algebra, 46, No. 2 (1977) 334-343.

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