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Irish Geometry Conference 2015

Date: Friday, 15 May and Saturday, 16 May
Location: Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, room T115
Details: on conference homepage

Algebraic Geometry Conference 2012

Date: Friday, 3 February and Saturday, 4 February
Location: Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, room T115
Details: on conference homepage

Research Interests

  • Complex Algebraic Geometry and Homological Algebra
  • Homological Mirror Symmetry
  • Quantum Cohomology, Gromov-Witten Invariants
  • Classification of complex manifolds
  • Twistor spaces

Postgraduate Studies at Mary Immaculate College

It is possible to pursue postgraduate research in Mathematics for an MA or PhD thesis under my supervision at Mary Immaculate College. If you are interested, feel free to contact me in order to discuss suitable research areas or any other question which arises.
Further information is available via Postgraduate Studies in Mathematics.

Current Postgraduate Students at MIC

  • Arne Rüffer

Former Postgraduate Students



Selected Publications

  1. N. Honda, B. Kreussler

    Algebraic dimension of twistor spaces whose fundamental system is a pencil,
    J. London Math. Soc. 95, (2017) 989-1010,
    preprint version arXiv:1510.07232 [math.DG]

  2. I. Burban, B. Kreussler

    Analytic moduli spaces of simple sheaves on families of integral curves,
    Math. Nachr. 287, (2014) 173-183,
    preprint version arXiv:1212.5477 [math.AG]

  3. I. Burban, B. Kreussler

    Vector bundles on degenerations of elliptic curves and Yang-Baxter equations,
    Memoirs of the AMS (2012),
    preprint version arXiv:0708.1685 [math.AG]

  4. L. Kierans, B. Kreussler

    The Belavin-Drinfeld theorem on non-degenerate solutions of the classical Yang-Baxter equation,
    J. Phys.: Conf. Ser., 346 012011 (2012)

  5. I. Burban, B. Kreussler

    Vector bundles on families of irreducible cubics and applications,
    In: Complex Geometry in Osaka, In honour of Professor Akira Fujiki on the occasion of his 60th birthday, Lecture Note Series in Mathematics Vol. 9, Osaka University (June 2008) 200-216.

  6. B. Kreussler

    Elliptic Curves — an Introduction,
    Irish Math. Soc. Bulletin, 60 (2007) 39-43

  7. B. Kreussler

    Solving Cubic Equations in Two Variables,
    Irish Math. Soc. Bulletin, 60 (2007) 45-66

  8. I. Burban, B. Kreussler

    Derived categories of irreducible projective curves of arithmetic genus one, Compositio Mathematica, 142 (2006) 1231-1262,
    preprint version arXiv:math.AG/0503496

  9. I. Burban, B. Kreussler

    On a relative Fourier-Mukai transform on genus one fibrations, manuscripta mathematica 120 (2006) 283-306,
    preprint version arXiv:math.AG/0410349

  10. I. Burban, B. Kreussler

    Fourier-Mukai transforms and semi-stable sheaves on nodal Weierstrass cubics, J. Reine Angew. Math. 584 (2005) 45-82,
    preprint version arXiv:math.AG/0401437

  11. B. Kreussler

    Homological Mirror Symmetry in Dimension One, Emma Previato (ed.) Advances in Algebraic Geometry Motivated by Physics: AMS Special Session Enumerative Geometry in Physics, April 1-2, 2000, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Massachusetts, Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society. Contemporary Mathematics 276 (2001) 179-198

  12. B. Kreussler

    Another Description of Certain Quartic Double Solids, Mathematische Nachrichten 212 (2000) 91-100

  13. B. Kreussler

    Twistor Spaces With a Pencil of Fundamental Divisors, Doc.Math.J.DMV 4 (1999) 127-166

  14. F. Campana, B. Kreussler

    Existence of twistor spaces of algebraic dimension two over the connected sum of four complex projective planes, Proceedings of the AMS 127 (1999) 2633-2642

  15. F. Campana, B. Kreussler

    A conic bundle description of Moishezon twistor spaces without effective divisors of degree one, Mathematische Zeitschrift 229 (1998) 137-162

  16. B. Kreussler

    On the algebraic dimension of twistor spaces over the connected sum of four complex projective planes, Geometriae Dedicata 71 (1998) 263-285

  17. B. Kreussler

    Moishezon twistor spaces without effective divisors of degree one, Journal of Algebraic Geometry 6 (1997) 379-390

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