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Irish Geometry Conference 2015

Date: Friday, 15 May and Saturday, 16 May
Location: Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, room T115
Details: on conference homepage

Research Interests

  • Algebraic Vector Bundles and Principal Bundles
  • Moduli Spaces and Moduli Stacks

It is possible to pursue postgraduate research in Mathematics for an MA or PhD thesis under my supervision at Mary Immaculate College. If you are interested, feel free to contact me in order to discuss suitable research areas or any other question which arises.
Further information is available via Postgraduate Studies in Mathematics.



  • (with I. Biswas, T. Gómez) Stability of the Poincaré bundle. preprint arXiv:1701.04649
  • (with U. Derenthal) Degeneration of torsors over families of del Pezzo surfaces. preprint arXiv:1601.00685

Habilitation, Ph. D. and Diploma Thesis

  • Modulräume von Bündeln - Rationalität, Existenz von Poincaré-Familien und Geradenbündel auf den Modulstacks. Habilitationsschrift, Berlin 2011. Zusammenfassung (pdf) Summary (pdf)
  • On vector bundles over algebraic and arithmetic curves.
    Dissertation, Bonn 2002. Bonner Mathematische Schriften 351 (2002). pdf
  • Verallgemeinerte Garben über einer algebraischen Kurve.
    Diplomarbeit, Göttingen 1998. Mathematica Gottingensis 14 (1999)
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